Monday, February 9, 2009

Steps: Working them into your furniture designs.

I've often wondered what to do with my clients steps when I know that they could be put to better use than just walking up and down them.  In this home the steps were so wide that I decided to take advantage of them and created what I feel are some interesting design solutions.  I was able to get a much larger book/display case by walking the unit up the steps.   The next 2 photos show my solution to creating a much needed buffet in the Dining Room as well as a visually interesting and useful "back" to that cabinet for the Living Room.  The tall white wall  keeps dishes, etc. from falling over the edge and I made use of the depth to create a small storage cabinet as well.  In other homes that had enough space I designed 9"-12"deep book cases to follow the stairs.  I'm curious to know how others have solved this situation.

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