Monday, February 2, 2009

Challenging spaces.... I've got posts in my way!

I actually like  taking on a challenging room.... it forces me to be even more creative and well, challenged!  This is a 500 sq. foot basement space that had 5 structural posts and every time  I tried to do a furniture layout, there was always a post in the way..... after several failed attempts I finally got it!   4 of the posts form a square in which I set an L-shape sofa, used one to cantilever a coffee table, stretched a bar counter across 2 of them and created an open window between 2 covered posts so the space wouldn't feel closed off.   If I find the photo of 5th post I will include it at a later time, because I think the solution is really great!  I'd love to know what you would do or have done with difficult spaces.

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