Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can't believe it's Coal

I first saw these sculpted coal tables a couple of years ago at the Ralph Pucci showroom and I wanted one immediately.  I almost fell over when I inquired about the prices, but I do have one friend who actually purchased one.  They are carved out of Anthracite coal by Jim Zivic.  I am told that this type of coal, unlike charcoal, is 100% pure carbon, whatever that means, but I am enthralled by them because one:  I find most of them to be quite beautiful and two:  I am always amazed to see others creative visions and use of materials that I never would have thought of.  He has also fashioned bowls and bookends.  The bookends are available thru Foley & Cox Home.  More on Jim Zivic later. 

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  1. Hello, Leslie. Thanks for the mention! You must have great taste in friends. Like the way you arranged the Coal pics in descending order of size - may have to steal that for my web-site. That "Posts" job you blogged looks daunting! Want to try "facing" a post in coal some day? Looking forward to working with you at some point - we would love a little LA sunshine about now! Tiffany, my wife/business partner is a UCLA alum who's wondering what she's doing knee deep in upstate NY snow...Thanks again, Jim