Friday, January 30, 2009

Frank Gehry designs ceramics for Tiffany Co.

I've long been a fan of Frank Gehry.  I first met him when he was designing Bauhaus style buildings in the '70's and I always am interested to see  him evolve.  My friend Marcie just told me that he had designed a line of ceramics for Tiffany Co. so I immediately went on to their site (  Here are a few samples of his pieces with Marcies on top with flowers.  I had seen a prototype cuff bracelet of his in a magazine made out of white gold mesh, rough diamonds and pearls.  Since it has not been produced I felt guilt free to make a sort of similar cuff out of metal mesh, pearls and Swarovski crystals that I had lying around.  I was very proud of myself and wore it until it disappeared into the ethers or someone's hands, in which case, I hope that they are enjoying it as much as I did.

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