Friday, January 16, 2009

Lighting art, photos and accessories

Well, my 4th attempt at loading a photo worked although I have no idea what I did..... I am looking forward to mastering this.  I woke up the other morning thinking about lighting and how important I think it is for bringing your interiors, art work and accessories to life. Depending upon the stage of a project, I usually use  recessed low-voltage lights or in combination with track lighting.  I always try to get a spot to focus on the chimney wall, coffee tables and buffets or any other tables that will have accessories or art.  In the evening I will always opt for highlighting these beautiful objects and dim the rest of the room, it's amazing how the ambience changes which is one reason I'm such a fan of dimmers for everything so that different moods can be created.  My favorite track system is the "Via" track, shown above,  from Plug lighting on Melrose in West Hollywood (  It just fades into the background.  This one uses a hidden transformer so the lights don't have those bulky attachments, and I always buy  heavy duty transformers so that I can add lights as I need them. There are very serious lighting systems for the serious collector that adjust to the size of the art and leaves no reflection on the walls, but most are very expensive so I opt for different spreads that low-voltage bulbs come in along with soft focus lenses and that usually does the trick.  The owners of Plug are lighting designers themselves and have trained their staff to be very helpful and informative.

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